GHD/Lucas Pipelines


Problem/Situation: To construct the massive water grid tunnels throughout Brisbane, engineers needed to know where all of the underground services were located. Process: Using multiple locating equipment and techniques over 22 months, and working alongside geotech drilling crews IRT located all of the underground services in the proposed shafts and tunnels for the water grid [...]



Problem/Situation: The Environmental Manager for Shell Queensland called IRT to investigate a hydrocarbon smell inside the store at a service station in Toowoomba. The staff were feeling sick and the service station had been shut down. Shell felt that somewhere fuel was leaking. Process: By using a CCTV camera IRT checked sewer, storm water and [...]



Problem/Situation: Staff of a Brisbane service station and nearby commercial premises could smell leaking hydrocarbons for six years, with no solution. When a fuel line leaks underground it creates a ‘flume’ (a balloon of hydrocarbons). If the plume finds a pathway it will run down to the water table and hydrocarbon smells can permeate the [...]